And the Number One Reason I Love My Kindle …

I’ve been searching for a way to make re-reading and revising easier and more fun, and I think I’ve found it. I loaded my manuscript onto my Kindle (3rd generation; see this link and scroll down to “Sending Personal Documents to Kindle”) and have been using the text-to-voice feature (see this link) to have the Kindle read my book out loud to me.

So far I’ve caught a bunch of teeny-tiny typos I probably would have missed (“imagation” instead of “imagination,” and repeated and omitted words), and I’ve also heard word repetitions and other rhythm issues that would have been hard to catch without reading the entire manuscript out loud.

As I work, I take notes directly on the Kindle, and later, when I’m ready to enter the changes, I can look at a list of all the edits I’ve made with enough text from the original that I can Edit>Find the sections easily.

Suddenly, I like revising almost as much as I like the first rush of writing.