To Have & To Hold | Returning Home Book 3 | April 23, 2019

He doesn’t remember her. She cherishes every moment of their time together. Is there any hope for a second chance? 

Hunter Cross has lost a year. There’s a gap in his memory, and the woman who is living in his house has disappeared into it. He slept with her, fell for her, loved her—and he doesn’t remember any of it.

He knows he should send her away—except for one little thing. At night, when she creeps into his bed, his body remembers hers.

Trina Levine is heartbroken, alone with her memories. Hunter won’t claim any of it—not the joyful days, not the steamy nights. Nothing. It’s like Trina Levine dreamed it, and it hurts like nothing else could.

Except when Hunter cries out in his sleep and Trina comforts him. At those moments, Hunter’s body knows hers, and for a few, brief, blissful moments, Trina’s sure everything will be okay again.

Until morning comes.


 Holding Out | Returning Home Book 4 | NEW! | May 21, 2019

She’s done being a virgin. He’s willing to help her out with that problem. Only thing is, now he has a problem of his own: He can’t stop wanting more.   

The answer has to be no, of course. No way Griff Ambrose is going to help Becca Drake lose her virginity. Her sister and Nate are two of Griff’s closest friends at R&R, the veterans’ retreat where they all work, and they’ll kill Griff if he hurts Becca. Plus, Griff doesn’t do commitment—not since the day he came home from war to find his house empty and his wife gone, into another man’s arms.

The only problem is, Griff can’t get Becca’s request—or pretty much anything else about her—out of his head. What can it hurt, anyway? If it’s awkward afterwards, they can just avoid each other.

Then Becca’s job goes belly up and she takes a temporary position at the veterans retreat where Griff works. Now they can’t stay out of each other’s way—and their entanglement gets messier and messier—and sexier and sexier.

Becca Drake has turned her life around, and she’s proud of how much butt she’s kicking. The shy girl with the self-esteem problem has been shown the door, and New Becca’s in the driver’s seat. There’s just one more demon she has to exorcise. Virginity is messing up her sex life. Guys who might be okay with giving her a test drive act like they’re being auditioned for marriage when they find out she’s never had intercourse.

Griff is the perfect candidate to do the deed: He’s her friend, he’s sexy as heck, and neither of them wants anything serious.

Or that’s the lie she’s told herself, anyway…