Make Me Wilder | Wilder Adventures Book 1 | May 20, 2021

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Book cover for Make Me Wilder by Serena Bell

This tent is too small for the both of us. And I like it that way. 

Gabe: I was minding my business. Literally. I promised my dad I’d take care of the Wilder family adventure business in our little Oregon town of Rush Creek, which also means looking out for my mom, my sister, and my rowdy co-workers, AKA my brothers. 

Now the business is in trouble. Overnight, Rush Creek has become a spa-and-wedding destination, and the new tourists aren’t interested in getting dirty—or at least not in the woods. 

Then Lucy comes to town, all blond hair and silky blouses and spike heels. It’s her job to give Wilder Adventures a makeover. Camping to glamping, rafting to paddle board yoga, fishing trips to girls’ night sunset cruises. If she gets her way, Wilder Adventures will become Wilder Romantic Adventures. 

Lucy hates small towns, getting messy, and anything involving the woods or the water—which pretty much makes her Not My Type

That doesn’t explain why when I see her, I can’t look away. Why when I touch her, I can’t stop. And why, even though I know no one can talk a city girl into small town life, I’m still trying. 

She’s driving me wild. All I can do is make her wilder. 

Walk on the Wilder Side | Wilder Adventures Book 2 | Fall 2021

His best friend’s sister is rocking his boat. In the best way possible.  

Brody: What’s a bad boy doing hosting a book club? Excellent question. All I can tell you is, it’s not going well. I forgot the bug wipes, the TP, and the hand sanitizer, we’re out of wine, and… well, I may have made some people angry, if the Yelp reviews are any indication. The only way to dig myself out of this hole is to redeem myself by offering the best girls’ nights out in town.

Enter my best friend’s sister. I’ve gone out of my way to avoid Rachel, since despite her good-girl rep, I can’t seem to get her out of my head. Now she’s in my boat… and if I don’t watch myself, soon she’ll be in my bed. Things are going surprisingly well between us… but I know myself, and I’m not this guy. I’m the guy you want for fantasy fulfillment, not the guy you want for forever.

But what if I need this time to be different?

So Good | Tierney Bay Book 3 | Winter 2021

The third Tierney Bay book is the story of Mason Campbell.

From So TrueMason was his usual self, which was to say no one knew anything about what was going on with him. If Chiara asked how he was doing, he shrugged and said, “Pretty how, thanks.” And if she probed more?

He shut down.

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