Snap Love

The challenge: Write tweet-length romance, which we shall call Snap Love.

Here are the rules:

1) Give it plot and character development.

2) Make it romance.*

3) Hashtag it #snaplove

4) Tweet it!

4) If you like it, email it to me at (or @ or D me at serenabellbooks) and I’ll add it to the official Snap Love collection.**

5) Don’t exceed 140 characters–actually 131, because you need the hashtag.

A sample: “I want you. Here? Yes. Take it off. But– Take it off. Self-consciousness vanishes in a flare of heat. Clothes slide to the floor. #snaplove”

*Deviation from this definition is acceptable and encouraged, but here’s a starting point.

**Management reserves the right to exclude otherwise brilliant entries if there’s some danger of Serena losing her privileges due to haggling over the definition of “pornography.” However, management pledges to err on the side of artistic freedom where possible.