Six Sentence Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to my first six sentence Sunday! These six are from my romance novel ILLEGALLY YOURS (unpublished).

Ana rarely thought much about Hawthorne’s history, about how vibrant it must have been as a mill city, and how desolate it was now—all boarded-up factories, some of which had briefly been turned into office buildings or apartment complexes during the nineties boom, only to fall back into disuse. Ethan turned the car onto St. Avignon Blvd, easing them into the center of the city, and it distressed her to see through his eyes how many broken windows there were, how many vacant lots, how many places where trees had grown up to reclaim land. It was so, so different from Beacon.

“Ana,” he said, and his tone was serious.

Oh, she wanted this, and she didn’t! How was it possible to crave and dread exactly the same thing?

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