What’s Your Writing Superpower?

Thanks to The Lone Woman for stripping away my drab Lois Lane daily wear and revealing my writing superpower!

…sex scenes are Serena’s superpower. I think I might choose something less time-intensive, like laser-beam shooting eyes, or super-strength. But Serena’s power should not be underestimated. Imagine how the bad guys might be distracted by the sudden appearance of a smoking hot sex scene. Maybe she could magically implant the audio version in their brain, and as a velvety-voiced narrator read it aloud, the other superheroes could swoop in and snare the paralyzed perverts. Not that reading, or writing, sex scenes is perverted. Mostly, it’s just hard. I mean difficult.

That’s the nice thing about having a superpower–it means that something that other people find difficult is easy for you–at least most of the time. I discovered my superpower young and got my 10,000 hours (of writing, people) in long before the world (temporarily) convinced me to write staider stuff. When I started writing novels where the bedroom door was thrown wide open, I felt like I’d come home. No strain, no pain. Of course, it doesn’t make all the rest of it–desk discipline, witty dialogue, accepting criticism–any easier. But at least there’s one thing I don’t sweat (figuratively) over.

My only regret is that I can’t post an excerpt that showcases this particular superpower because I’ve decided that my desire to share it with the blogosphere is superseded by my desire not to have my children and my children’s friends (and the rest of the world’s children) read it out loud at play dates.

So what’s your writing superpower? The black moment? Capturing emotion? Setting? Character? Internal monologue?