So True | Tierney Bay Book 2

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Broody hero gazes at beautiful heroine. So True by Serena Bell

A passionate first love. A deep betrayal. One last chance to make it right. 

Jax Walker left Chiara Campbell behind without a word, but he’s never forgotten how it felt to love that fiercely. Not that it matters—he can never go back to Tierney Bay, because the secret he’s keeping would tear them both apart. 

Chiara has written Jax out of her life and her memory—until he shows up at the shop where she works. All the hurt she thought she’d buried is still there, and so is her fiery attraction to him. The more Chiara and Jax work together to save the shop, the more she wants things she can’t have. 

She knows she’s going to get her heart broken again. She knows it’s going to hurt like hell. 

And she’s pretty sure that when he kisses her, she’ll kiss him right back.

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