After Midnight | A Holiday Novella


Book cover, dark, with gold graffiti. A man in a suit kneels to the take the hand of a woman in a beautiful dress.

Two strangers. A midnight kiss. It’s just like a fairy tale … if they can find their way to happily ever after …

When Miles Shepard sees gorgeous Nora Hart across a crowded room on New Year’s Eve, he leaps at the chance to steal a super-sexy kiss at midnight. Then he flees the party without swapping numbers with her. He’s ready to put this year in his rearview mirror—and the last thing he needs are complications.

But he hasn’t reckoned on Nora. Despite her own miserable year, she can’t forget Miles’s kiss—and she won’t quit till she tracks down her mystery man. Miles can’t deny the force of their attraction—even as he wrestles with how much to tell her about the trouble he’s in.

Putting their painful pasts behind them won’t be easy. But if they can face their doubts boldly, they might just get a second chance to start the year in each other’s arms.