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So Close, the first book in my Tierney Bay series, is out today! It’s a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, small-town, cozy-little-beach-inn story with lots of heat. And for a short time, until January 31, 2020, it’s 40% off at Kobo and Barnes & Nobo. See below for coupon codes! 

The inn is her life. He needs to tear it down. Where there are sparks … there are fireworks …

Auburn Campbell loves Beachcrest Inn. Working there saved her sanity as a teenager and got her back on her feet after a controlling relationship. So when Trey Xavier shows up, threatening to demolish Beachcrest, she’s ready to fight. Nothing riles her up like a hot guy in an expensive suit on a power trip—in the worst and best ways.

Trey screwed up. And now he needs this land deal or he’ll lose his business. He built his company from scratch so he could take care of his family the way his dad never did. But it would be a lot easier for Trey to stand his ground if Auburn didn’t tempt him so badly. He hasn’t wanted anyone like this in a long time. Maybe ever.

After a few days of summer sun, Auburn and Trey are both losing their heads—and maybe their hearts, too. Except they’re both out of practice at losing.

Only one thing’s certain: The Fourth of July in Tierney Bay will have plenty of fireworks this year.

And here’s a little teaser!

“Let me show you what I’m doing, so you can do it yourself next time,” Trey said.

She realized he was asking her to get down on the floor with him and look under the sink. And that—

That would put them very close together in a horizontal position.
“I don’t bite,” he said wryly.

“I’m not scared of you,” she said bullishly. She got down on the floor and slid in beside him. Lying down made her feel shockingly vulnerable. Which made no sense, because he was on the floor, too. But she felt like—like she’d just exposed her own pale white underbelly to him.

Worse, she could feel the heat coming off him, all along the length of his body. If she turned her head …

Don’t turn your head.

“See this? This is the valve handle, and this is the packing nut. So I just wrapped a rag around the nut, gripped it with these—” He produced pliers— “and turned it about one-eighth of a turn. It compresses the rubber, and usually that’s enough to stop the leak. In this case it was. But if it happens again and you can’t fix it this way, you’ll need to disassemble the valve. Or find someone who can.”

“Well, it won’t really matter if Beachcrest is gone, will it?”

The words popped out before she could stop them. She hadn’t meant to let her bitterness show. In order to beat him at his game, she needed to have ice in her veins, like he did. She couldn’t be leaking feelings out all over the place.

“No,” he said, quietly. “No, I guess it won’t.”

She’d expected a note of gloating in his voice, but there was none there. Which was somehow more unsettling.

And then she made the mistake of turning her head, at the same time he did, and their faces were—almost touching. She could feel his breath move over her lips.

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On sale now at these eretailers!

Barnes & Noble 40% off coupon code: BNPSOCLOSE40 | Kobo 40% off coupon code: 40SOCLOSE