Do Over is Out!

I’m so excited to welcome Jack and Maddie to the book world! They have been my companions and friends this last year. When I first started writing Do Over, I saw it as being about first love and second chances—which for sure it is—but lately I’ve realized it’s also about people having faith in each other. Maddie was the first person who had faith in Jack, and in many ways, that faith shaped Jack’s life. I’ve thought a lot lately about people who’ve had faith in me—my parents, my teachers, my friends, my husband, my kids—and I’ve been so grateful for their love and support. When you read Jack and Maddie, I hope—well, I hope you find yourself wanting to save Jack the way Maddie always has. I hope you find yourself wanting to keep Maddie safe and close, the way Jack always has. And I hope you can find something to identify with in their crazy-hot chemistry. But most of all, I hope they remind you of the people in your life who’ve made you into your best self!


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Toe-curling? Check. Sheet-twisting? Check. But is that enough for a second chance?

Jack: I’m pretty much as tough as they come. But when a woman comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. Scratch that—when Maddie Adams comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. That’s how we ended up making our incredible son five years ago, and that’s why I practically beg her to move in with me when she’s in a tight spot. Of course, the last time I got the chance to be the hero, I let her down, but I’m not making the same mistake twice. This time, I’m going to be the man she deserves—and then I’m going to lay every ounce of sexy on her until she lets me back into her heart.

Maddie: Jack Parker is hot, and he knows it. What he’s not is a family man, something this single mom had to learn the hard way. Still, moving into his place until I get back on my feet makes all kinds of sense. He’s an old friend. He’s, ahem, the father of my child. And let’s face it, now that I’ve just been colossally dumped, we’ve got nowhere else to go. The truth is, I never could resist Jack. Living under the same roof puts dirty thoughts in my head. And when my brilliant plan backfires, my whole body is begging for a do-over. . . .

Do Over is a standalone novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a satisfying happily ever after.

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