Tuesday Tidbit: Escape Fantasies & Giveaway

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I know some readers (and writers) love romance that’s a total fantasy, a complete escape from reality. My books tend to be a little more realistic—the happily ever after doesn’t necessarily mean getting to be queen of your own kingdom or to have all the money you’ve ever wanted, only that true, unending love will be yours forever. But I’ve been thinking a little more lately about fantasies, and I started to wonder about people’s escape fantasies.

My short-term escape fantasy is pretty conventional: When I think about getting away, leaving it all behind, I uJust One Night coversually picture a beach location. It’s sunny all the time, but not hot-hot, so I can lie on a chaise and stare at the ocean and read. As much as I love my family, my kids are usually not in this fantasy (some kindly family member has presumably offered to care for them for several days—that’s the real fantasy element here. :-)) My husband is welcome to pull up a chaise beside me, especially if he plans to bring me glasses of water with cucumber and mint, tropical drinks, and chocolate sGlitterland covernacks.

In a bigger sense, I do think my escape fantasies have to do with having enough money to get away from the drudge of day-to-day. In the abstract, I would love never to have to clean or do yardwork again. And I wouldn’t miss the grocery store or laundry, either. I might still choose to cook from time to time, and I would definitely still want to spend a lot of time with my kids. But I think I’d like a daily massage and a big house overlooking the sea. And I would love to never have to think hard about a book or clothing purchase again.

I don’t wish for glamor, though. If I could magically be transported into a world where I was hosting balls or chatting with the see-and-be seen world of a big city or Hollywood, I wouldn’t want it.

Unlimited gourmet food, though, I would take.

What about you? What’s your escape fantasy (or what is it not)?

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