Tuesday Tidbit: Virtual Book Swap & Giveaway

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who visited and commented. 🙂 Amber Lin will win the book of her choice; Amber, I’ll contact you by email about claiming your prize.

So … I have no idea if this will work, but I had the idea and I thought it might be fun. (Also, this is going up a day early, because, yeah, so technically it’s a Monday Tidbit, but that doesn’t sound that good.)

This is a virtual book swap. In the comments, tell me about a book (available as an ebook, please) you’ve LOVED in the last week (there’s some slack here, but it should be recent). Tell me title, author, genre/subgenre, and a quick synopsis, and a sentence about WHY you liked it so much.

I’ll draw one random commenter who can pick among any of the books mentioned in the comments.

You must be 18+ to enter, and the winner must be located somewhere I can gift an ebook from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Requested ebook must cost <$10, and I reserve the right to refuse to gift the chosen book on any grounds I choose (this is *highly* unlikely, but I figured I’d mention it). You may enter more than once, but each entry must be its own separate book and its own separate comment. Limit 5 entries per person. You can’t choose an entry you wrote yourself. You can’t comment on a book you’ve written or stand to realize financial gain from. If I’ve forgotten any rules whose absence will result in my misery or financial ruin, I reserve the right to add them after the fact. Contest ends Thursday April 24, 11:59 p.m.