Tuesday Tidbit: Thank You, Veterans!

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Next Monday is Veterans Day. I have a different perspective on this holiday this year than I’ve ever had before. I’ve always appreciated the men and women who fight for this country, but recently, something has sharpened my thankfulness.

I’ve been working on my next novel, Hold On Tight, which will come out next June. Hold On Tight has a soldier hero, so I’ve been doing a lot of research, writing, and thinking, about what it’s like to be badly injured in the service of this country. Writing about Jake—who has lost his leg above the knee and—at the same time, his sense of direction and purpose—has made me think hard about the sacrifices servicepeople make for us.

Some of those sacrifices are the obvious ones—living in the shadow of death or debilitating injury, the possibility of coming home damaged physically or mentally, the wear and tear on mind and body of fighting in terrible, uncertain, and, often, confused, circumstances. But there are subtler costs, too. The men and women of the armed forces often have to choose, sometimes on a regular basis, between doing what they believe is right, fighting for their convictions—and taking care of the people they love, back home. Often they can do both, but not always, and never easily.

I must at some level have known all that was true before I spent time in Jake’s head, but now I really feel it, much more personally. So this tidbit is a thank you to every single man and woman who has served this country in the armed forces and helped to keep us safe and free. You have my gratitude, today, next Monday, and every day.

Do you have a specific serviceperson in your life, or gone too early from it, who you’ll celebrate on Monday? What makes you proudest of him/her? Or tell me about an event that changed your perspective to make you more appreciative of our armed forces.

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