Tuesday Tidbit: Halloween Giveaway

This contest is now closed, but look for another giveaway as part of next week’s Tuesday Tidbit! Chris G is the winner of this giveaway; I’ll contact her directly about her prize.

I’m no domestic goddess. My husband does most of the grocery shopping and about three-quarters of the cooking. My house is clean enough not to be terrifying, but no cleaner. I’m mostly indifferent to the state of my gardens and yard, and I’ve never been the kind of mother who sets up complex craft projects for my children on a regular basis. But there’s one time of year that brings out the small buried bit of Martha Stewart in me, and that’s Halloween. When it comes to costumes for my kids, suddenly, I am in full gear.

photoThis year, my seven-year-old is a light switch, and my ten-year-old is a kindergartner’s art easel. I made both costumes from scratch — the light switch is a piece of foam board with a small box — the switch — that swivels on a dowel inside a cutout. He’ll carry a lantern he can click on and off if anybody flips his switch. The easel is two pieces of foam board, one with painted paper clipped to it, the other black, with chalk drawings. There’s a small tray with cans of paint (empty veg cans with the tops painted to look like there’s paint inside) and brushes.

In past years, my kids have been: a rainbow, a blueberry, a paperclip, a pencil, a bat — the flying kind, not the hitting kind — all constructed at home. My lightswitchhusband and I have noted that my ability to transform my children into household objects is probably related to my ability to win Pictionary — I can’t draw worth a darn, but I have a special gift for capturing the essence of things in ridiculously simple line drawings — and apparently, for turning kids into stuff.

squirrelWhat’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn or made for your kids? What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen anyone wearing?

Comment below, and enter to win a copy of Heating Up the Holidays, a sexy e-book bundle with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s stories by USA Today and New York Times bestseller Lisa Renee Jones, the talented and popular Mary Ann Rivers, and me. I’ll randomly draw one winner on Friday morning, November 1.