Scales, Tails, and Kisses

My eight-year-old daughter is guest-blogging today. I offered her the option of writing either an essay-style post or fiction, and she chose fiction. Here is her story, rendered with all spelling and punctuation intact (and the title is hers).

Bethie and Jason, (2 people from Windleford University) are walking down Minnisota Avenue. Gazing into each other’s eyes, they silently continue.

Suddenly Bethie breaks the quiet. “Did you hear that, Jason?” she asks. A low rumbling can be heard in the distance. “No,” answers Jason. He strains his ears as far as he can. “Wait, wait…” The rumbling grows louder. “Yes I can hear that!” says Jason excitedly. Just then, a dragon bursts from the bushes, breathing poisenus vapers. “Attack!” yells Bethie bravely. Jason leaps to a stump and nimbly climbs to the dragon’s back. The dragon bucks and snorts. But it’s losing it’s energy. Jason is slowly squeezing it’s neck. Before it falls, it breaths one last fireball at Bethie. Her skirt is on fire! She screams and beats at her skirt with a damp leaf. Jason slides down. “Are you okay, Bethie!?” he shrieks. “Yes!” sighs Bethie. “I’m not hurt.” Then without thinking, she leans forward. Jason copys her. Slowly, they bump lips for their first kiss.

Note: This is a fantasy/adventure/romance book.