Six Sentence Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to my third Six Sentence Sunday. My last two entries have been cryptic and mysterious, because something in my heroine’s past has made it terribly difficult for her to open up to the people and possibilities around her. Here’s a taste of what her life could be like if she overcame her fears. From my romance novel ILLEGALLY YOURS (unpublished):

The silence in the car on the way back to Ethan’s house was like none she had ever experienced before. It had weight, taste, dimension. Neon signs and streetlamps filtered streaks and blobs of light across their laps as they drove back along the same route they’d traveled earlier. She felt her desire for him as a hollowness, an ache—her lips, her breasts, her belly, between her legs. She tried to imagine what was going to happen next, and every image brought a new tug of wanting: She saw herself reach for him as he killed the ignition, grabbing his shoulders, angling her mouth over his. She saw herself climbing over the transmission and brake to straddle him, feeling his hardness press up against the seam of her jeans.

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